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Plastic surgery performed to correct the sagging on upper eyelids and bag formations on the lower eyelids is called blepharoplasty.In blepharoplasty surgery, the loosened part of the eyelid skin and the muscular tissue under the skin are removed carefully and at a measured amount. Furthermore, the fatty segments under the skin and muscle layers which herniate outwards are also removed in a measured way and sometimes re-distributed in a regular fashion in order to ensure that they look proper. This surgical intervention is generally performed on patients at and above 35 years of age.

When blepharoplasty is performed by competent hands, no problems are encountered in general. Eye redness, bruising on the eyelids and swelling appear temporarily. Another temporary problem is the lack of full eyelid closure while sleeping. This situation may sometimes become permanent, as well. In cases of lower eyelid blepharoplasty, downward traction may pose a serious problem. Such situations may be easily prevented by a few simple precautions such as precise measurement of tissues to be removed and avoidance from excessive removal. This is an operation which takes around 1-2 hours and needs to be appropriately performed under sedation. The suture marks correspond to the curvature area on the upper eyelid and to the bottom of eyelashes on the lower eyelid. The marks generally disappear over a short period of time.

For the first couple of days, it is appropriate to ensure that the head is slightly elevated and a cold compress is applied to the eyes. There may be some lachrymation in the eyes, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. It is recommended to wear eyeglasses.  It is possible for the patient to return to work and social life in 7-10 days. Heavy work should not be undertaken for about 2-3 weeks.  Over time, the bruising and swelling will heal, which will result in a pleasingly attentive and alert appearance.

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