Fat Injection


Fat Injection

Fat injection is defined as follows: obtaining fat from various parts of the body using the ‘liposuction’ method, purifying it and injecting it into another part of the body and/or the face by means of thin cannulae.

What are its areas of use?

Generally speaking, deep wrinkles and collapses caused by various reasons may be treated by using this method. It is also possible to correct body contours using fat injection. It is also one of the most frequently preferred methods to ensure cheek fullness and fill the nasolabial groove between the ala of the nose and lips. It may also be used to make lips looks fuller.

Does it need to be repeated?

Unfortunately, not all fat transferred can survive. Some of it is absorbed by the body. However, it is not recommended to inject excessive amounts of fat thinking that it'll be absorbed in any case. This is not a correct approach. In cases where the wish is to enhance the fullness effect, it is recommended to perform repeat injections.