Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)


Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

If the swelling and fullness of breasts, which may be temporarily seen in men during adolescence, becomes permanent for certain reasons, the result is the formation of feminine breasts, which is called “gynecomastia”. Even though it is rarely brought up as an issue, it is actually a rather frequent condition. Men with this problem prefer larger shirts, they do not wish to go to the beach and try to conceal the situation by bending down. Psycho-social problems may arise.

Why does it develop?

Even though it may be due to various medicines, hormonal or tumoral problems, the origin of feminine breast is not clearly known in the majority of patients. However, the necessary studies should certainly be performed for differential diagnosis.

What are the methods used to correct gynecomastia?

For men with gynecomastia, it is possible to remove the fatty and nodal tissues in the breast, thereby reducing the breast so they look like normal male breasts. The removal of fat from the breast is made possible by liposuction. If there still remain tissues following liposuction, they need to removed surgically by means of a semi-circular incision to be made on the areola. Since the skin may be sagging in advanced cases, it may be necessary remove some of the skin, as well. Generally speaking, liposuction is sufficient in 90% of cases and other methods are less frequently needed.

What does the recovery period look like?

Surgical intervention takes nearly 1-1.5 hours under general anesthesia. The patient can be discharged on the same day. After surgery, a waistcoat-like corset that is fastened on the back is worn for about four weeks. Generally speakings, patients do not have many complaints due to this surgery. Very mild pain, redness or bruising may be seen, but they do not constitute serious problems. In cases where surgical tissue removal is needed, it may be necessary to use a drain for approximately two to three days. It is required to refrain from sports activities involving the chest are for about one month following surgery. Similarly, activities that would cause edema such as steam bath and sauna use cannot be done in this period of time. At later stages, complaints such as breast numbness and minimal asymmetry between two sides may at times be seen; however, these remain at tolerable levels.